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In today's fast-paced global market, transactions with overseas entities have become a necessary ingredient for success. Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with conference calls, faxes and e-mails because business requires immediate information. But across thousands of miles, how can you be assured that the information is trustworthy?

Does this entity have a proven track record?

Are they properly licensed and under regulation?

Have they practiced unethical business?

Do the principals have a criminal record?

Who exactly are the principals anyway?

Have they ever been sued in civil court?

Have they ever filed bankruptcy?

Do they have any judgments or liens against them?

Does the company have any assets?

Do they pay their vendors on time?

Are you willing to do business with someone you know little about? Let SCIA perform the due diligence for you. From a simple index search to a complex acquisition or merger assignment, we will get those questions answered. We at SCIA can assist in this complex information gathering process. We have contacts world-wide that are positioned in the right places to collect and assess the information relevant to you, the investor.

Forensic Accounting


Forensic accounting as defined by the Journal of Accountancy is “accounting that is suitable for legal review, offering the highest level of assurance, and including the now generally accepted connotation of having been arrived at in a scientific fashion. That is, forensic accounting is sufficiently thorough and complete so that an accountant, in his/her considered independent professional judgment, can deliver a finding as to accounts, inventories, or the presentation thereof that is of such quality that it would be sustainable in some adversarial legal proceeding, or within some judicial or administrative review.”


Routine internal audits have been shown to repeatedly miss the mark when fraud, embezzlement and illegal activity is involved. The programs performed by public or internal auditors are not designed, nor do they have as an objective, the discovery of irregularities or criminal activity. SCIA can assist with in-depth analysis of specific accounts, systems and/or procedures. In most cases, a 100% review/analysis is performed in anticipation of litigation in civil and sometimes, criminal court.


With SCIA’s expertise in both the accounting and investigative fields, all aspects of this effort from a litigation support perspective can be easily accomplished. If embezzlement or fraud is detected by the forensic accounting review, the suspected party’s assets can be researched, a favorable court ruling obtained and assets discovered and identified can be attached.


SCIA has experience as an expert witness in regards to forensic accounting issues in court proceedings. Our experienced investigators can address the accounting evidence so that it can presented through expert witness testimony in a clear, concise and understandable manner. Judgments, favorable rulings and outcomes and recovery of assets have been SCIA’s forte and continues to be our main business emphasis.

Money Recovery/Collections

Investment, telemarketing and real estate scams are among the most prevalent schemes to defraud good people of their hard-earned money.

We first learned of High Yield Investment Programs from clients who had been misrepresented and then contracted us to assist in the recovery of their funds. If you have been the victim of one of these frauds we can assist you in tracing the funds, identifying the perpetrators, filing lawsuits, securing restitution and initializing criminal prosecution.

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