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Since a portion of your anticipated growth may come through mergers and acquisitions, our due diligence team will partner with you, providing the significant information needed before exposure and liability can occur. Accounts receivable, inventories, fixed assets and liabilities are among the basic areas for verification. Executive backgrounds, potential litigation, product liability, contracts and long term obligations are also areas for concern and scrutiny. We will do an extensive investigation, you only have to analyze the data before the final decision is made.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that more than 56% of frauds occur because of poor internal controls. "Collusion between employees and outside parties contributes to many frauds". From an operations standpoint, our experienced investigative accounting staff will review your existing internal controls for all systems.

We will offer our professional recommendations to save you money and improve productivity in addition to reducing your exposure to fraud and theft. We also offer assistance in implementing any approved modifications to your existing system.

SCIA has experience in a wide variety of industries and businesses sectors. In addition to performing in-depth background investigations for law enforcement and government agencies, SCIA has performed executive background reviews for corporate clients. Business segments include all types of insurance investigations, manufacturing, health care, travel agencies, franchises and movie production companies. Investigation support has also been provided for major media outlets and independent investigative journalists. With extensive experience in many types of business disciplines, SCIA can address concerns and exposure with professionalism you can count on.

We can also assist your operations with services such as collections, identifying inventory losses, cutting expenses, auditing and budgeting. Sometimes these functions are simply overlooked or you just don't have the time to address them. We will help you fine tune your business to maximize your profits.

If theft or white collar crime is your concern, we offer the finest in forensic accounting and litigation support. We work hard so you can recover your losses and secure restitution. Whether it is computer fraud, embezzlement, inventory loss, employee theft, white collar crime or security, We Follow The Money.

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