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SCIA was founded on the principle of providing excellent, specialized investigative services based on experience gained in the private and public sectors. For over eight years we handled all levels of background investigations for a local law enforcement agency. The efforts of our investigative accounting team have resulted in millions of dollars of savings for our clients. We have accomplished this through the strengthening of internal controls, the review and verification of assets and the detection of fraud, embezzlement, theft and white collar crime. Our undercover operations have secured restitution for our clients and assisted law enforcement in prosecution of the criminals.


Brent Grubbs, Principal/Owner, has over 25 years of accounting and investigative experience. He has held positions as a Regional Audit Manager, Financial Manager and Assistant Treasurer in a Fortune 100 corporation. During this time, he supervised operational and financial audits for North & South American operations and created and chaired a Special Projects section which included fraud investigations, inventory losses and acquisition reviews. In the private sector, he has created a unique business that blends accounting and financial expertise with natural investigative skills. He is also a recognized expert witness in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system as a Forensic Accountant. His testimony has resulted in clients obtaining judgments and favorable rulings in every case.


Mr. Grubbs is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

SCIA's support staff includes experienced accountants, former controllers, special investigators and former law enforcement officers. This, we feel, offers us a wide variety of services without compromising quality, quantity and attention to the client. We have access to numerous information sources which facilitate our investigations and provide immediate responses. Further, our contacts developed over the years with law enforcement, government agencies and the legal community only enhance our ability to give expert support to our clients. We provide service without compromise.


As a result of the success of SCIA, an expansion of operations was recently completed in the Heartland of America. The new venture, Midwest Intelligence Agency (MIA) was opened in Indiana to provide the same quality of service and attention to detail that has been a hallmark of SCIA. Located in the Indianapolis area, this additional office will strengthen SCIA’s already broad coverage of specialized areas of expertise.


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